How this process works

  • Send us a good quality image showing clearly your pet face. Use the highiest resolution possible to get good final creation. Send image using our email address
  • Choose design style
  • Chose layout format (square, rectangular vertical or horizontal
  • Confirm to go ahead with our design process
  • Design will be presented to you on password protected webpage
  • After your approval and payment for design part of the process you have to make a decision about final product you would like to have.

What are the options for your final product

  • You can order our design only with the licence to unlimited use of the image
  • When you make a final payment for the licence we will send you an original file which you can use without any restrictions, you will also get an access to printing on unlimited products of your choice
  • Order print rolled up in a tube
  • Order framed print see Sample Page
  • Order print on many other different products see Sample Page